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Rigger working on Maffioli rope reel

What we provide

We offer a full range of bespoke running rigging products and services focussed on quality, performance and reliability. Whether you are building a new yacht and need an entire package or it’s time to replace or upgrade existing items, we can help you find the best solution for your needs. Our team has vast experience in supplying textile components to Grand Prix race teams and Superyacht clients alike.
sheets and ropes


We have longstanding relationships with our material suppliers and as a result can work with them on a large range of customisations including:

  • A range of cover materials that can be adjusted to suit the application and handling requirements.
  • Machine tapering of lines to reduce weight, handling and storage requirements of line tails.
  • Variable braiding tension in the line cover to ensure it is kept as tight as possible and tolerance is only introduced at the splice section.
  • Lines that are specifically designed for use on captive winches with grip inserts to reduce movement between core and cover.
  • Customisable colour options so that the textiles can match the yachts aesthetics and to help with line identification.
lifting strop

Strops & Mooring Lines

Our strops are lighter and safer than traditional metal-based solutions and can be used in a wide range of applications including halyard lock strops, deck hardware connections and standard rigging interfacing. Each item is custom designed to match the load, length and configuration requirements of the application.

Rigging Projects also offers a comprehensive range of dock line solutions. Over the years we have supplied custom solutions on everything from 20m race yachts to 60m Superyachts. Options include the use of machine tapering and dyneema core to reduce coil size and weight as well as full colour customisation and chafe protection.

ferule and dogbones


Numerous accessories are available, designed and manufactured by our own team here at Rigging Projects. Options include titanium dogbones, friction rings, stick on pad-eyes and more!

The RP App

Every textile product on your spar package is barcoded and tracked, meaning that the system sends you automated service reminders and nothing ever gets missed. The app stores details including material batch numbers, date of manufacture and application ensuring complete traceability and replicability.
load test bench

Quality Control

Years of product testing has allowed us to build up an extensive catalogue of real-life break testing data and we also proof test all our structural components in-house up to 50T. On key rigging textile components, where required, we can carry out additional certified independent proof testing to specific classification standards.