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Born out of the desire to provide expert knowledge from decades of industry experience

Thanks to our background in technical sales in the composite rigging sector, we have exceptional connections to all major suppliers allowing us to present our clients with all the suitable options, regardless of budget or performance criteria.

We are not tied down to endorsing any one particular supplier, which means that we are able to provide informed recommendations and offer the best items for the job.

Our in-depth knowledge of sailing systems and design has led to the creation of the RP Range of Deck and Mast Hardware further complementing our knowledge base.

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Meet the Team

From inception to completion, our project management, design, hardware, textile, machining and global service professionals are at hand for a seamless project experience.

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Celebrating a decade of Rigging Projects in 2024!

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Rigging Projects was founded by Tobias Hochreutener, who had a vision of creating a composite rigging consultancy business that put smart ideas, trustworthy services, and high-quality products at its core. He set out to provide solutions to issues that remained common and reluctantly accepted across the industry. Applying years of diverse sailing experience and knowledge gained working for one of the worlds leading composite rigging suppliers, he launched Rigging Projects from his home office in Chichester, England.

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Nick Black joined Rigging Projects. As the client base grew, it was obvious that the market was crying out for alternative solutions to many sailing systems applications. A qualified Naval Architect, specialising in composite mast design and advanced Mechanical Engineering, Nick brought a wealth of experience in deck and sailing systems design, having previously managed multiple offshore race programs. Rigging Projects doubled-down on their mission to provide industry-driving rigging products and services.

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Scott Gray, a rigger with a wealth of experience from the Volvo Ocean Race and a lifetime of sailing, became the 3rd Partner of Rigging Projects, incorporating Textile Services into the offering. With exponential growth and plans for manufacturing, they moved from Tobias’ house and established Rigging Projects HQ office and workshop in Hamble, UK.

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Expansion continued! Rigging Projects established a Dutch Textiles Hub in Zaandam, Holland. Headed up by Scott, Rigging Projects BV ensured that the company would be able to offer the best possible service to our clients both in the EU and world-wide.

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From vision to reality with full command over product development and manufacturing. Rigging Projects Machining (RPM) commenced in-house production of RP Hardware equipment. Acquiring machine shop Seadub led to the creation and subsequent expansion of the new manufacturing division RPM. This growth triggered the relocation of the two divisions to the newly refurbished 10,000ft2 property in Totton, Southampton.

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Rigging Projects celebrates its 10th year! From the humble beginnings of one person with a vision, working from a tiny home office, Rigging Projects has grown exponentially. In 2024, the company has over 30 employees, 4 DAME Design Award Special Mentions, operates out of 4 locations around the world and continues to grow.

Thank you to all of our clients, past, present and future! With you, we continue to innovate and provide a growing range of products and the comprehensive services you need.