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Gunboat 80 sailing Highland Fling
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What we provide

At Rigging Projects we are perfectly placed within the industry to be able to offer an extremely in-depth, end-to-end Design & Consultancy process to our clients. Whether you have a new build or a retro fit, we have a huge depth of knowledge and experience that means we can specify and design the optimum sailing system for you without needing to outsource any aspect of the project.

We ensure that any offers you receive from tenders are relevant and comparable and that the end client receives exactly what they need, minimising the risk of sizeable costs later on.


Our Design & Consultancy services include:

  • Concept design - Initial client interface of specification
  • Conceptual 3D design
  • Composite Design
  • Specification for repairs
  • Review of current product and specification for improvement
  • Structural engineering drawings and calculations
  • Sailing Systems
  • Complete deck plan specification
  • Sailing loadings
  • Production Drawing
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Iso Din 2768 standard production engineered drawings.
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Our Project Management services include:

  • Supply and installation of Rigging Projects components
  • Technical specification development
  • Tender document creation
  • Detailed review of tender quotes
  • Contract negotiations with spar builders and third party contractors on behalf of clients
  • Project management -'Life Long’ product support

Gunboat 80-01

Gunboat 80-01