Case Study31 Jan 2024
Maxi 77 Jethou

Maxi 77 Jethou


Rigging Projects, a leader in high-performance rigging solutions, spearheaded a transformative project for the Maxi 77 Jethou, managing the integration of a Southern Spars mast and supplying custom deck hardware solutions since the inception of the Jethou 77 project. This case study delves into their project management prowess and the impactful upgrades that ensued.

Project Scope:

Commissioned by Maxi 77 Jethou's owner, the project aimed to enhance racing capabilities by integrating a new Southern Spars mast and continually introducing new custom Rigging Projects deck hardware solutions, including jib cars, headboard cars, our revolutionary x-glide sheaves, and a custom running rigging package.

Integration of Southern Spars Mast:

Rigging Projects meticulously managed the Southern Spars mast integration, ensuring collaborative planning with Southern Spars, compatibility assessments with the Judel Vrolik design office to seamlessly integrate with the yacht and performance objectives.

Maxi 77 Jethou

Custom Deck Hardware Solutions:

Beyond the mast, Rigging Projects supplied tailored deck hardware solutions. This included advanced jib cars, x-glide sheaves, and optimized running rigging always looking for the balance between weight reduction, durability, and functionality.

Maxi 77 Jethou

Collaborative Planning and Execution:

Continued success hinges on collaborative planning, with Rigging Projects facilitating seamless communication between all the stakeholders. Meticulous execution involved managing timelines, usually driven by training or regatta dates and addressing challenges for a successful integration.

Rigorous Testing and Validation:

Rigging Projects conducts continuous testing, enjoying a great relationship with the team, allowing us to test and trial products in a real-time, real world environment. This iterative process allows the fine-tuning of components, ensuring they exceeded performance expectations and often result in a trickle down to other yachting sectors

Maxi 77 Jethou


Rigging Projects' collaborative efforts results in a constantly evolving and improving platform for the Jethou sailing team. The integrated Southern Spars mast and the evolving custom deck hardware package, we always strive to significantly enhanced sail control, responsiveness, and overall racing efficiency. Continued collaboration, resulting from a 20 year relationship between ‘Jethou’ and Rigging Projects, ensures the platform remains competitive in the toughest IRC fleet in the world.