Busy for all the right reasons

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  • January 2017
  • by wpengine

2017 is shaping up to be another busy year. With 2 new spars on their way to meet their respective boats and 2 more in build for a spring delivery, Rigging Projects has been working hard on defining specifications and working with the manufacturers to ensure the product is as per ours and the client’s high expectations.  All 4 being of vastly different designs, ranging from Fast40+ race boats to a Gunboat 60 and a superyacht in between, Rigging Projects has been drawing on all their staff’s individual expertise to deliver unrivalled products, within budget and on time.

Apart from managing these full rig packages, Rigging Projects has also been working on implementing original design solutions for existing spar optimisation and full refit management. This includes a well-known Wally who, to remain at the forefront of their fleet, increased their boom length and hence mainsail area to maintain a competitive edge. Rigging Projects managed the design, the structural engineering and oversaw the actual composite work of this significant structural change.

Meanwhile, in France, the management of a full rig and deck hardware refit on a big multihull is well underway. This includes a major mast modification to accommodate sail locks, a new boom and winch package alongside a complete steering system overhaul.

In addition, the service team has been gearing up for a busy pre-season service and stepping period. Having kicked off the year with the dressing, stepping and tuning of a TP52 in Spain and an HH55 catamaran in China, we are getting ready to implement one of our replacement spar projects in St.Maarten in February. This will be followed in quick succession by two Maxi72’s, two Fast40+, a new 60’ day sailor and the next round of HH cats.

Finally, with Rigging Projects’ most recent partner coming fully online, Scott Gray has been busier than ever, building running rigging for his existing customers, alongside Rigging Projects’ client base.