Overseeing the production and implementation of a spar is a complex and often challenging proposition.

From developing a brief, specifying all elements, negotiating the best deal and then, ultimately overseeing the production and implementation of a spar, it is essential to have the backing of experts to ensure that your project runs smoothly.

The Rigging Projects team has many years’ experience in every aspect of this, from the engineering to the purchasing. Our ability to act as your project representative means that you have an accomplished team to draw on who, above all, are there to simplify the whole process for you.

As seasoned professionals, we will ensure that you are staying within your budget by guaranteeing that all elements of the spar and required hardware are captured right from the get go. All too often spar packages are sold to clients with incomplete specs, resulting in large change orders and then subsequent costs further down the line. Our experience in writing complete specifications and our history with all major suppliers will minimise this. As you’d expect, your original purchase order ought to reflect the cost of the project and we are here to safeguard exactly that.

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