Over the years, the Rigging Projects team has been involved in innumerable design projects, from new builds to retro fits.

As a result of this, each of us has built up a huge wealth of experience in providing practical and workable solutions. We invest a large amount of time into understanding what the client really wants. This enables us to hone in on the best possible plan of action for the desired results, and we liaise with the client time and time again to ensure we are on the right path.

When it comes to design projects, we’re rigorous with our preparation and utilise a variety of tools to give you the best idea of the finished reality. Using the latest in 2D and 3D modelling technology, we are able to offer everything from complete deck layout plans to individual bespoke pieces in order to optimise any system on the boat.

Whilst the Rigging Projects team can offer their industry expertise and extensive design and engineering knowledge, we like to think of the process as collaborative. Our access to state of the art 3D technology means the client is able to get hands on and can follow the design from concept to construction, following the journey the entire way through. Combined with our meticulous production standards, we are able to ensure our customers receive the right solution first time.