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Your hardware. Tracked.

The Rigging Projects portal app is a rigging  industry first for maintenance scheduling and information storage. Currently no other rigging company offers a service which tracks and dates every product on their spar packages and in turn provides our customers with automated service reminders to make sure that nothing ever gets missed.

The app is truly mobile allowing our customers to access their data on any platform at any time and take advantage of the latest technological products in the market along with our unique rope and strop bar code systems for simple identification.

We have brought an automated service product offering to our customers which is a leap ahead of the current industry position. This allows our customers to relax knowing that all the important deadlines with their spar and rigging components is in safe hands.

The app is used internally at Rigging Projects to manage our running rigging production and work list. We supply thousands of running rigging components each year to a wide range of yachts internationally. As such, it became necessary to develop a system to record all the details of these items. Production details, including material batch numbers, are recorded on each item we make therefore ensuring both complete traceability and repeatability. Additionally, our riggers can use the app when working onsite to upload spar and rigging inspection reports and dock tune settings.

We believe the Rigging Projects App represents an industry first and will ensure our clients are confident that their spars and rigging are maintained to the highest possible level.