Changing from a twin to a single rudder steering system for the 2016 season was a big undertaking for the Wally Yacht Magic Carpet 3 team.

This involved numerous designers, structural engineers and boat builders. Tasked with the design, spec’ing and supply of its steering cables – the cornerstone of the new Wally Cento Steering System setup – Rigging Projects was thrilled to play such an integral part in this ambitious endeavour.

The brief we were given was for an easily-adjustable, highly tuneable system, which would allow the yacht crew to change cable tension to suit the helmsman’s preference at any given time. Working closely with Gottifredi Maffioli, we were able to develop a cable spec that we were confident in and would ‘tick all the boxes’ in terms of our brief. By interfacing with calibrated custom titanium turnbuckles, we believe the system is able to deliver a real revolution in superyacht helming experience, allowing for the kind of ‘feel’ to be transmitted through the steering wheel, which is usually reserved for much smaller, more agile yachts.

The complexity of the system in terms of angles and interfaces influenced our early decision to build a mock-up quadrant. This allowed us to make  physical measurements, thereby overcoming the usual need to rely on a series of drawings to design the final cable specification. Ultimately, we had a very small window in which we could measure the final setup of the new quadrant and steering columns and deliver the final build specs to Maffioli, who, in turn, did an amazing job turning the cables around, ensuring that the system would be ready for the first sea trials of the season.

The final setup exceeded everybody’s expectations, giving the owner-driver ultimate feel and control of his yacht, and the crew a reliable, easily adjustable system to work with.